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Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Buffalo, New York

Ground Penetrating Radar locates man-made objects underground and
can accurately and nondestructively see through solid materials.

Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent way to locate underground utilities, underground concrete and any number of other underground applications in Buffalo, New York. Ground Penetrating Radar also enables the technician to locate piping, conduit, and sewers. When Ground Penetrating Radar is used on concrete it can reveal joint spacing, locations of reinforcements and full-depth asphalt patches.

Ground Penetrating Radar technology works in a fast and reliable manner. It is also very safe and uses no radiation. Ground Penetrating Radar is able to provide a 2-dimensional and 3-Dimensional image of the areas that are scanned.

Utilizing ground penetrating radar takes a heavy burden off the shoulders of contractors, utility workers and anyone who needs to conduct subsurface work. By utilizing ground penetrating radar, subsurface drilling is conducted with less worry of cutting or drilling into an embedded object.

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